Mad Man Flynn

Mad Man Flynn


Okay I got a few questions for you guys...just for reference I live in South Carolina, USA.... What a day I've had...was out taking photos of scenic landscapes and livestock today....stopped and took some photos along side the road...and the story begins.... Up the hill there was a house...i could see a man walking down his driveway and finally made his way toward me...he asked what I was doing...I told him just taking some scenic photos...he said for what?...i told him it was a hobby and he just responded "I know how hobbies are" I'm nice...I tell him where I'm first name...introduce myself....he was nice for a few and then he suddenly changes....he said "why didn't you come to my house and ask me if you could take pictures?"...i told him I didn't know this was his land...his house was up the road and across the street from where I was at....keep in mind that we are standing in the road having this conversation...well he flips out and starts yelling at me....he then gets up in my face...which brings out my super fun side....i don't back down so he threatens to call the cops....i tell him to call the cops because I'm not doing anything wrong....we spat for a few and I end up leaving....(that's the PG version) My question is I have the right to be on public property taking pictures of his land/livestock??? I was not trespassing...but I wasn't sure about the photo part....but isn't this how everyone takes a picture of a landscape?? ...when he started yelling I took this shot of him freehanded...... Did I do something wrong??? UPDATE

After getting tons of expertise I wasn't doing anything wrong...perfectly legal....I just hope I don't get shot next time.... UPDATE

Here's some info from Bert P. Krages II on Photography Rights UPDATE

I recently received a noteworthy on Photo Friday with this image. I figured I would do an update. Thanks for the feedback. I do want to add that i actually went back and visited him again a few days after this incident happened. You can read about that here.
Camera: Canon EOS 20D (Canon)
Focal Length: 21 mm
Exposure: 1/160 sec
Aperture: f 4
ISO: 100

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