Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller's not a guy named Martin Schoeller. It's actually myself... Schoeller is actually a professional photographer that has appeared in Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Us, The New York Times Magazine, Spin, Interview, Premiere, Worth, Newsweek, and i'm sure you get the point by now. He shoots amazing close up portraits. So here's my attempt at shooting something like Mr. Schoeller. I actually took this a few weeks ago when I was working on Angie's shot that appeared in the montage. I didn't use any flash, only the light that was in the room. I had to use a tripod of course and ended up shooting around 800 ISO. So the grain lost the detail I was wanting. I couldn't get those glowing eyes without a flash either.... And yes, I needed a haircut and a shave.
Camera: N/A (N/A)
Focal Length: N/A
Exposure: 0 sec
Aperture: N/A

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